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Wow! Centennial Plaza in downtown Canton is amazing

Crews working in downtown Canton continue to put the finishing touches on Centennial Plaza, and while they were busy doing work some opened a gate for a couple of people to snag some pictures.

So the fire pits fired, the speakers spoke (actually the sound system is quite amazing), the lights dazzled, and even the misters misted (nice touch on a hot summer's day).

Then across the way, I could see what I knew were one of the marquees to the whole project. Anyone who has ever played or coached or managed in the National Football League has his name on backlit panels. Of course, I went looking for two of Canton's finest — Mike Doss and Kenny Peterson. They were there. So was Dustin Fox. So is Marion Motley. And Josh McDaniels. And Wayne Fontes. There are so many players or coaches from Canton who are honored. I texted the photos to a couple of players. They were awestruck.

You will be, too.

Just as soon as it opens after COVID-19 leaves us.

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