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Finishing touches on Centennial Plaza; lighting up downtown

Crews are putting the finishing touches on Centennial Plaza in downtown Canton and plenty of people are getting excited to see Canton, and Stark County's, newest, high-tech outdoor arena in action. Of course, COVID-19 might keep us from seeing anything inside the venue until summer 2021.

Centennial Plaza is the $12.3 million public-private project that started long before anyone ever heard the phrase COVID-19.

The last couple of weeks crews have been wiring lighting and sound throughout the plaza. Let me tell you, even piped-in music was a sight for sore ears. Soon, hopefully, 3rd Street NW will reopen. If you haven't been yet, the Canton Brewing Co. has reopened (with some of the finest pizzas around).

Until the next event, enjoy these pictures.

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Nov 19, 2020

Wow. That's fabulous.

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